About Elliot Hall Enamels

From its beginning in 2006 Elliot Hall Enamels has passed all expectations of quality and perfection. Way back in the last century the Kingsley Hall family were producing fine freehand painted enamels under the trade name of Kingsley Enamels. That tradition has continued under the expertise of Elliot and his small team of dedicated artists. For a brief peiod from 1999 to 2005 the company was owned by Moorcroft and was known as Moorcroft Enamels with Elliot remaining as Manging Director. 

Elliot Hall Enamels has a long pedigee of producing the Worlds Finest EnamelsEach piece, a small numbered Limited Edition, starts as a copper shape onto which multiple layers of white enamel are applied to form the perfect base for painting. The piece is fired between each coat of white and the firing process continues during painting. As various colours are applied each firing fuses them together before further colours are added finally producing the exquisite work of art.