About Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft Pottery Ltd celebrated its Centenary in 2013 but it goes back a further 16 years whilst William Moorcroft was working and producing his own style of Art Pottery at James Macintyre & Co. Ltd.  William's style of pottery continues to this day and is more popular than ever.

Moorcroft Pottery is made entirely by hand at their factory in Stoke on Trent England for collectors around the world. Each piece has an impressed MOORCROFT stamp on the base and carries the designers mark, the year of production and the marks of the painter and tubeliner. 

Each piece of Moorcroft  Pottery is first cast in a mould. Liquid clay (slip) is poured into a plaster mould and left for a short time, the moisture from the slip is absorbed by the plaster to form a crust at the surface. The surplus slip is then poured out and the mould can be split so as to reveal the piece of pottery in soft clay. After it has had time to dry a little it is attached to a lathe and the shape is perfected using a variety of specially shaped tools, it is then sponged to further smooth the surface. After a period of controlled drying a specially inked stencil is applied to the surface to give an outline for the tubeliner to follow. Using a small bag with a nozzle slip is gently squeezed onto the stencilled outline to form the raised part of the decoration. Next comes the hand decoration. Water based coloured oxides are applied to the pot with a brush, surface tension is used to take the colour from the brush without the brush touching the surface. Multiple layers of colour may be applied to build up the darker colours. The raised lines of clay draw the colour to the edges to give the familiar shading. The piece is then fired in an electric kiln which leaves the pot with a matt colouring. It is then hand dipped in liquid glaze and fired a second time to produce the rich vibrant colours that makes Moorcroft very special.

With world class designers the Moorcroft Design Studio maintains the art pottery's tradition of excellence and a stunning array of new designs each year satisfies the most discerning collector. 

All our Moorcroft Pottery is First Quality and has come direct to us from the factory.

Items marked NEW have recently been added to the website and all photographs are of the actual piece that is for sale so you can be sure of the quality you are buying.